Hardfacing Surfacing Wires For Hot Forging Die

Hardfacing Surfacing Wires For Hot Forging Die

Hardfacing Surfacing Wires For Hot Forging Die


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Surfacing workpiece: hot forging die

Welding wire model: TM585

Welding wire diameter: 1.2-1.6

Welding method: gas shielding

Welding wire features:

TM585 is CO2 or 80%Ar+20%CO2 protected wear-resistant surfacing flux-cored wire. T

he welding wire has excellent welding performance, beautiful shape, less spatter, and the welding efficiency is more than 3 times that of manual welding rod. The deposited metal is high-chromium alloy, and the metallographic structure is martensite plus alloy carbide. Because the carbide has extremely high hardness, it has excellent wear resistance of wear-resistant materials. When the wire is surfacing, fine cracks will appear, which is the result of stress release, and will not affect the normal use under low-impact industrial and mining conditions.

Scope of application:

It is used for surfacing welding workpieces that are subjected to strong abrasive wear under slight impact, such as coal mill grinding rollers, chutes, material bells, mining machinery and building materials machinery.

Surfacing process:

1. Before surfacing welding, remove the oil, rust and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece to be welded, and remove the fatigue layer.

2. It is best to preheat the base metal before welding, the temperature should be above 250 degrees, and the temperature should be kept warm and cooled slowly after welding.

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